Romantic spider


It seemed like another ordinary super hot day in Pai, Thailand, and it would surely require a few hours by the public swimming pool. So there we were, 2 girls from Chile and I, sunbathing and having some drinks by the inviting clear water when we suddenly hear a girl desperately screaming on the other side of it. It seemed bad. Really bad. We sat up straight, trying to see what was going on when we hear: “Una araña!” coming from his mouth. The guy I watched enter the pool area and sit down by the shade to put on sunscreen spoke Spanish. And apparently was looking for new friends as well. Or maybe not just that. We then started talking. Went for lunch. Went out at night. Kissed. It all seemed ordinary, you meet people while travelling alone, it happens… and soon it also goes away. People go away. And I expected him to go away… but he didn’t. He insisted. He stalked me (he did!). And he had me fall for him. And this is how the girl travelling alone meets the guy travelling alone… and they decide to be alone no more.


After a couple of weeks without talking with my parents in my, until that moment, 3–month trip I decided to write to them and tell them how everything was going. While doing so in the garden of the hostel, a friend sent me a message. It was just a pic of an awesome pool, which was very tempting considering that it was 30 degrees that afternoon. “That looks great man, where are you?” I replied, so he sent me the location and I promised to be there within an hour. Spending a hot day in a pool with a friend was a promising plan but not as good as it finally was… So after around one hour from the message, I was at the pool but, to my surprise, my friend wasn’t. “Maybe he went for lunch” I thought so I just sat and waited for him people watching. After a couple of minutes, I saw a group of three girls: two Latins and another one who looked European and who was by far the prettiest. I wanted to talk to her but didn’t find any good reason for the approach until mother nature gave me a hand. “Oh my god, what is it, what is it?”. We could all hear the girl screaming desperately because she had apparently seen something. The girls were also talking about it, wondering what it was. “A spider” I said…. And here I am now, seven months later writing from Greece with Giovanna by my side, the girl who looked European, who is actually Brazilian and who’s now my girlfriend.