Petra Slobodnjak

From Trojstveni Markovac, Bjelovar’s suburb. As a kid she tried to play accordion and after overturning a chair she managed to ruin school’s inventory. At that point she figured out she’ll never be an amazing accordion player so she turned to photography and horseback-riding. Her love for photography and visual art made her enroll at Zagreb’s Graphic Faculty, graphic products design department. Nowadays she spends most of her time in front of the computer, designing, and in her spare time she goes trekking, does photography, horseback-riding, yoga, rides her bike, as well as planning and daydreaming about her next bike tours, which she started with Alen. This last thing in particular bothers her father Zdenko. Before every trip she takes, he gets new grey hair, as well as he sprinkles her with few words of wisdom.

Alen Vuković

Born in Zagreb, but raised in Štuk. Learned to ride a bike on Rog’s ‘Kekec’. Finished as baccalaureus of Multimedia, Design and Application in Varaždin and received his masters at Graphic Faculty of Zagreb afterwards. At the moment he spends his days in fetus position in front of the PC, in illustration and animation attempts. When trying to break away from reality, he can be spotted on his bike or running through the woods foamed at the mouth. He started travelling with his friends. At first he explored Istria and the island of Pag with Kruno, and later Goran and Kosta joined them in French bike-tour. 3 days after France he took the bike for the new trip with Petra. And in that moment his mother finally realized her son will never be a doctor.

About Stereotrippy

These pages are fragments of travels, short episodes completely free of chronological order. Stories are written in ‘stereo mode‘ from two different points of view – female and male. Every episode is accompanied by visual reference (photography, design, video, illustration…) made during or after traveling.